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I've always been a writer. I just haven't always known it.

For a long time, I considered my imagination, my love for a good love story, and my tendency to give grand speeches over email a curse. It wasn't until I was well into adulthood that I discovered these unique traits were gifts to be used in service to God.

My entire life has been darkened by anxiety and panic attacks. My struggles started when I was small and defenseless, and the enemy built some powerful strongholds through traumatic circumstances, my gift of sensitivity, some really cruddy theology, and the harsh judgements of others. But God...

Around the time of my 40th birthday (and yes, my life felt like a deserted wilderness), the Holy Spirit whispered some things to me about healing that I had never known. He began opening up my wisdom and understanding in some areas that absolutely blew my mind and shifted things in my heart. My life began to change. And it hasn't stopped.

He's given me the gift and privilege of passing some of these things on to you. So that you can heal too. So that maybe you won't wander as long as I did. So that maybe you can start entering your Promised Land today.

I love "love". My favorite thing to do is tell a good love story. But my passion is teaching people how to become who God created them to be. I want to be a catalyst of authentic Christianity that leads to effective mission. I want to inspire you to use the gifts that God has placed within you for His glory. I believe this is what changes the world.

When I'm not writing, I love time with my family. My husband, David, is my favorite person on earth, my kids are the best there is. And home is where my heart is until it gets to be with Jesus one day.


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