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"This is a romance novel with substance! Endearing characters struggle with real problems that we all face. As the novel progresses the author skillfully shows real life strategies and spiritual truths that are helpful and inspiring. Enjoyed it very much!"

Laura Frazier, Teacher

"Such a wonderful book. This author did a fantastic job with storytelling. The book has such depth, was captivating, insightful and full of surprises. What a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was sorry that it ended."

Lisa Clotfelter, Teacher

"The story was so compelling I couldn’t put it down. Stayed I till 2 am to finish it. Can’t wait for the sequel. The best part was I felt like I grew spiritually through reading this book. Scripture and conviction throughout while still being an enjoyable fiction story."

Shannan Browning, Nurse

"I have now read all 3 in this series and all I can say is wow...If you are on the fence with any book in this series, just get all 3. They are great books full of God's truth and are written in a way that you can't put them down. I couldn't stop until I had finished because I just had to know what happened next. Highly recommend!"

Kayla Luckie, Special Needs Mom

"Oh my! Candace Roberts did it again!! This second novel in her new series took me on the journey of redemption giving me hope and a greater urgency to pray for people in my life. The way she demonstrates practical Christianity in their dealings with each other and the events that unfold really has taught me some valuable lessons. It is an absolutely beautiful story with an ending only God could produce. I highly recommend this book and cannot wait for the third one!!"

Katrina Chambless, Occupational Therapist

"Wow! What a wonderful story of God’s immeasurable Grace! At almost 50 years old, I’m still processing it in my life, having spent my early years thinking I wasn’t “good” enough. This book about a woman’s newfound relationship with God and the way her redemption story comes full circle has pricked my heart and has renewed my hope in embracing the me that God has created me to be."

Mom of 6

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