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So Whose Right?

When I read things, I can absorb them from several different perspectives. As a matter of fact, sometimes I will specifically read something with one friend in mind and what their perspective of it would be, and then switch to a different friend in my head and see it from a whole different angle. Maybe this is weird, but it’s how I naturally think.

And isn’t, even God’s Word, read from perspectives? As a matter of fact, I’ve seen people share specific Scripture, in this season, and mean it in completely opposite ways. We have different denominations simply because we can’t agree on interpretation of Truth.

And whose to say whose perspective is the “right one”. Truly only God knows. We feel so sure in our hearts that we are “right”, but guess what? So does that person next to us. My perspective isn’t more right just because I am fully convinced that it is.

So two things I have come to implement in my own life:

1. Humility. I keep one eye always on how utterly fallible I am. We can only live up to the Truth we have obtained, and we can only see one perspective of that Truth. I cling to that Truth with it always in mind that I could be interpreting some of it wrong. Ultimately my trust is in Jesus, the Cornerstone upon which all other Truth is built, for my salvation. This doesn’t mean I don’t take my responsibility in searching out all Truth. But it means that I don’t walk around with a superior attitude like I’m the one right about everything. Let God be true and every man a liar.

2. The Body of Christ. We need each other’s perspective. Not just the Body that looks, talks, acts and agrees with me, but the solid Jesus followers who have a different experience and a different perspective. If it’s a Gospel that can’t work for other nations...for the diversity given by the Creator...for other denominations...I’ve got my theology wrong. When we get to Heaven, God isn’t gonna be like “All you Baptists, come up here. Now everybody look at them. They got it all right. The rest of y’all were wrong.” God forbid, we ever think this way. In Christ, we are all one.

I’m so thankful for the ways that I have learned more of Christ over the years, and the people from all different perspectives, denominations, and diversities that have taught me more of the love of Jesus. I am still such a student in so many more ways than I am a teacher. But I gain freedom every day through the Holy Spirit’s guidance into all Truth. Let’s refuse to limit that guidance with our fallible human judgment.

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