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The Demon of Lasciviousness

I had a series of dreams one night last week that shook me. In my first dream, a man made a pass at me. I mean, he was overtly making sure I knew he was interested. I told him that I was happily married and went to find David.

The man didn’t back off. Instead, he made friends with my husband. He charmed the people around me, but also continued to send undercover lewd suggestions my way. I tried to tell my circle that he was doing this…that he was dangerous, but no one quite believed me. Even David thought I was being a bit paranoid.

Then it was like I could see behind the scenes of this man’s life. He had two women in his bed. They were senseless with pleasure. He picked one of them up and casually threw her on top of a burning pile of wood. I was screaming to David “Look what he’s doing!” and then I jolted awake.

After taking a couple deep breaths, I asked the Lord about what I had seen in the dream. I am not in the habit of having such nightmares, but I also can count on one hand the amount of times that I’ve had a dream that had any significance.

Immediately, I heard the Holy Spirit. “It’s the demon of lasciviousness.”

I know it was the Holy Spirit because I had no idea what the word meant or even how to spell it. I knew I’d seen it in the Bible a couple of times, but even when I tried to Google the word with how I thought it was spelled, nothing came up even close. I looked for it in the concordance in the back of my Bible, but it wasn’t there.

Finally, Galatians 5 came to mind, which is where the works of the flesh are listed. In the KJV, “lasciviousness” is the word used for one of them. “Lasciviousness” means “filled with or showing sexual desire : lewd, lustful lascivious acts/thoughts”. It was exactly the spirit at play in my dream, and exactly the demon ever present right now in our culture.

I’ve been watching Instagram reels every now and then, and since I’m a writer, these short video clips keep coming up in my feed of young women who read a particular genre of books. This genre seems to be some mixture of occult and smut. Witchcraft enhanced with sexual immorality. And it’s a serious thing with our high schoolers. These girls are proudly flaunting how addicted they are to it.

The demon of lasciviousness is eating its fill in the earth right now, and taking willing prisoners by offering pleasure…willing prisoners that will eventually be sacrificed on Satan’s altar.

Too much? Gosh, I thought so. I’m still sick to my stomach. But I can’t deny what God showed me. He took me right into His Word and confirmed what I had dreamed. And that I need to make you aware, because the first step to defeating this demonic spirit in your life and your family is to recognize it.

I went back to sleep after that first dream and I was in a room with some familiar people. In the back of the room, a magic projector machine was turning ugly things into beautiful angel-like creatures. These angels came to life and were sweet-talking the people in the room into following them. A man came into this room who I recognized as one of the employees of the evil man in my first dream. I boldly looked him straight in the eye and said “I know who you are demon of lasciviousness.” Before I woke up, the man glowered at me, bowed up, but then left the room.

Many are being deceived by this spirit that comes as an angel of light. “This is fun.” “This is pleasurable.” “This is empowering.” “Come. Be curious. It won’t hurt you.”

Lies. This demon is bent on destroying you, and it’s powerful vortex is one that you won’t be able to climb out of easily once you are in it.

Flee. Don’t flirt with this demon. It thrives on flirtation.

Watch and pray for yourselves and those you love. It is unprecedented to have the access we do 24/7 to sexually immoral content. It’s never been more easy to be trapped, captured, and destroyed, but this demon loses power when we recognize it and pray against it.

If you are already in its clutches, you need help. You need to confess it to someone who can battle with you in prayer and walk with you as you make your escape. I don’t think it’s by accident that you are reading this. Make a plan today. Don’t wait. I’m praying my heart out for you.

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