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Becoming Light Workbook

This is a signed and personalize paperback copy. Workbook can also be purchased on Amazon.


This is the companion workbook to the book "Becoming Light". Book sold separately. 


Are you a Christian struggling just to keep your head above water? Are you saved by Jesus, but wonder why you feel like you are still missing something? Do anxiety, depression, worry, panic, despair, and helplessness continually invade your life without warning or permission? There is finally a Christian book for you!


Candace has written the mental health resource that she wishes she had been given when coming to faith in Christ. By combining scientifically backed research about our physical bodies and minds with the power and authority of God's Word, Candace lays out a path to freedom in Christ that is as much practical as it is spiritual.

"We believe with all our hearts that God designed this world and everyone in it, but we often struggle to believe that the Bible's answers are not only spiritual, but entirely practical as well," says Candace. "I wanted to create a resource that leads us to fully embrace that it is absolutely and always the Truth of God's Way and His design that sets us free." This isn't a "pie in the sky" spiritual book on how to secure better faith, but rather a practical "down to earth" book that will shift your perspective and automatically lead you to more faith. You don't have to "fake it til you make it" anymore. There is more hope, help, and healing through honesty than you ever imagined possible.

In this resource, you will:

  • Discover the roots of many of your struggles
  • Learn how to pinpoint your pain
  • Learn how to make space for grief and other uncomfortable emotions
  • Learn how to set aside guilt free time to heal
  • Gain perspective on God and His design for you
  • Uncover lies and replace them with Truth
  • Work toward a changed lifestyle that aligns with God's design for your life
  • Find the baby steps needed to move toward long term healing
  • Receive an 80 day challenge that will get you on the path to freedom
  • Find ways and words that will make you lighter, better, and brighter

"Becoming Light" is a mental health resource that will give you more control over your body, mind, soul, and strength so you can love and serve God more deeply with your whole self. You may have tried everything, but you haven't tried this.

Becoming Light Workbook

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  • Paperback. 68 pages.

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