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Falling for You (Book 2)

This is a signed and personalized paperback copy.  Kindle ebook and unsigned paperback can be purchased on Amazon.


When the international aid organization that Dallas works for sends him to China on a potentially dangerous assignment, he is almost sure it’s exactly what his broken heart needs. It’s time to forget about women…forget about relationships…and throw himself into risk. Only the mission isn’t at all what he thought it would be and when it is compromised, he finds himself trapped in a situation he was trying to avoid at all costs.


Life hasn’t given Yang Zhen a choice. She’s been a slave to the whims of men since she was far too young to even understand. It’s fueled a deep belief that men are evil. When Dallas is thrown into her world, it makes her question everything she’s ever known.


As Dallas and Zhen work together to keep secrets and to uncover them, will they also be able to face the deep wounds they both carry inside? And will these wounds drive them together or further apart?

He’s been rejected.

She’s been taken advantage of.

Is love enough?

Falling for You (Book 2)

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