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Love > Fear (Book 1)

This is a signed and personalized paperback copy.  Kindle ebook and unsigned paperback can be purchased on Amazon.


Sydney's struggles with anxiety and panic have been life long and life limiting. Even after becoming a Christian and trying many touted remedies, she is still at her breaking point and begging God for answers. When her landlady's son, Dr. Jeffrey Tinders, comes home to begin his new career as a therapist, Sydney thinks that God might be answering her in a way that she least expected.

Jeffrey Tinders has been running from grief and from God his entire life. It's why he even decided to become a doctor. He is now returning to his childhood home that will make him face both head on. He thought he had finished his learning when they handed him his degree, but it turns out the lessons were just beginning.
When two broken people find each other as part of their answer will love triumph over fear?

This book is a story of the hope and healing that can be found in love. While the overall plot is fiction, many of the concepts and ideas included throughout are based on Biblical Truth and solid science making this not just an enjoyable story to read, but one that can contribute to growth and healing.

Love > Fear (Book 1)

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  • 5.5x8.5 Paperback. 281 pages

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