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Still Standing (Book 1)

This is a signed and personalized paperback copy.  Kindle ebook and unsigned paperback can be purchased on Amazon.


When Payton and Dalia Cummings move to Colorado from their hometown of Bellview, Florida, Dalia immediately senses that something isn't right. She comforts herself with the thought that it's just homesickness. When Payton admits his ongoing infidelity, it changes everything about the Cummings future.


Payton has spent all of his energy convincing himself and everyone else that he is a dedicated worship leader and faithful husband. When he is forced to admit that he's failing at both, he finds himself lost and broken and searching below a surface relationship with God.


Despite a deep love and passion for each other, the Cummings find themselves separated by grievous sin. Will they be able to find a way through the hurt and broken trust that now divides them? Or will they decide to heal on different paths?


Still Standing explores the deep hurt and confusing questions that often occur after trust has been broken in a marriage. This book, rooted in a true story, opens up the topic of what redemption looks like in us, but also in the people who have broken our hearts. As Carter counsels Dalia in chapter 15, "...pain is only an indicator of where the empty places are, and empty places are only opportunity to be more filled with God Himself."

Still Standing (Book 1)

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