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Candace Roberts

Author of Christian romance novels like "Love > Fear" and spiritual growth resources like "Becoming Light" 



Candace Roberts’ Latest Releases

"God created you for a uniquely specific mission here on earth. I write to help you never give up on pursing it."

"I have always been a Jeannette Oaks fan, I love her books. But I can tell you that Candace Roberts book, Love>Fear, is every bit as good or better than Jeannette Oaks." 

Linda Kile, Retiree


"From the time I started reading I didn't want to put this book down, and I didn't until after midnight when I finished. The characters were relatable and the author does a good job of drawing you into their story."

Janet Dapper, Actress (Flywheel)

"Excellent! I didn’t want to put it down. Great story, so much depth and was easy to get to know the characters."

Rebecca Johnson, Pastor's Wife

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